Domain Expired – How To Get It Back

A domain that has expired can be lost forever if you do not take action quickly to get it back from the previous owner of the domain name. While there are many ways you can recover an expired domain, there are three main scenarios when an expired domain can be lost permanently and never recovered again. The information below will show you how to get back an expired domain quickly and effectively before it is too late.

What does it mean when your domain expires?

This means that your domain name is no longer valid, and you have lost control of it. Once a domain has expired, it’s open to anyone in order to register it for themselves. This can happen if you neglect to renew your registration on time, or if you forget to renew together.

If someone else registers a domain that you own after it expires, then they will control it forevermore. When it comes down to business-critical domains such as .com, .net, and .org (there are others), losing them could be devastating for your business. The damage that can be done when a good domain is compromised may never be undone.

How do you get it back?

When you’ve registered a domain, there are some events that could cause it to expire. This can happen if you haven’t paid your registration fee or if it hasn’t been renewed within 7 days of expiration. If your domain is expiring in more than 7 days and you want to keep it, you will need to renew it before time runs out. 

In some cases, even if your domain is already expired, there may be ways to get it back. At DomainInspector, we provide tips on how to do so. 

For example, using different top-level domains like .net or .org as opposed to just .com (this allows you more options since registry rules vary depending on what top-level domain you choose). There are also services available that allow you to take over someone else’s expired domain without having it go through the process of registering a new one from scratch.

How to Get Domain Back During the Initial Grace Period?

If your domain expires, you will most likely get it back during its Initial Grace Period. The grace period varies from registrar to registrar, but after expiration, the grace period lasts up to 45 days.

 All you have to do is follow a few simple steps: 

(1) contact your registrar.

(2) transfer your domain to another registrar.

(3) submit a request for reinstatement by sending them a copy of your domain registration certificate.

How Do I Get My Domain Back During the Redemption Grace Period?

If your domain name has expired, there is a Redemption Grace Period (RGP) that offers you up to 30 days to recover it without penalty. If you fail to recover it within that time, it will become available for registration by others.

During those 30 days, you can contact your domain registrar and attempt to get your domain back. If you are successful, you will be able to re-register your expired domain name at its original cost as well as any additional years of registration at the regular price if applicable.

My Domain Expired, and I Want It Back During the Deletion Period

If you registered your domain through a service, it’s likely that they have an option for you to save your domain during its deletion period. 

This is usually at least 30 days from when it was deleted, and will sometimes be even longer (the period is determined by your registrar). In most cases, all you need to do is log in to your account with them, and find where domains are listed in their control panel.

What are the factors that affect getting your domain back?

First, it’s important to know that there are a few factors that could affect whether or not you can get your domain back. For example, if your domain is registered under an individual name (or fictitious name) rather than a business name, you may have some trouble getting it back. 

The one good thing about registering for a personal site is that these types of domains can still be redirected even after they expire. However, if you register for a fictitious name (for example John Smith’s website), you’ll have to get in touch with your hosting company and/or GoDaddy support so they can transfer ownership over to a person or business entity of your choosing before they will allow you to make any changes.

Summary of tips and advice on how to get your expired domain back

Hiring someone else to do it for you. Networking with other people in your industry. Contacting direct competitors. Retaining a lawyer to fight for it, if needed. Get organized and ready to go as soon as possible after expiry day.

If your domain name is expiring, start preparing for its return ASAP so that you are not caught off guard on your website’s coming soon launch date…or worse, on a competitor’s site. Things will happen quickly once your domain name expires and you need to be ready to act fast!


If your domain name expires or is taken away from you, don’t worry. You can get it back fairly easily as long as you follow the correct steps. Just be sure to act quickly, because the process can take a little time.