Manage Your Domains
Like a Boss.

The winning solution for people who own more than one domain. Easily track and manage your domains with our automated platform.

Track Your Domains.

Manage all of your domains from one dashboard with zero hassle.

Sell Your Domains.

Putting your domains up for sale has never been easier. One click is all you need!

Stay Notified.

Never lose a domain because you “forgot” about it. Get timely notifications and stop paying to buy back domains you already own.

Monitoring Domains

Just add your domain once and forget it. We’ll do the rest.

Keeping tabs on your domain expirations with multiple registrars can be time consuming and tricky to do manually. You might even miss the email that your registrar sends out.

DomainWatch provides an easy and efficient way to automatically track and manage the state of your domains.

Selling Domains

Put your domains up for sale. Get offers. Get paid.

Selling your domain can often be a lengthy process that involves paying a broker a hefty chunk of your profits.

Not anymore.

DomainWatch lets you instantly put a domain up for sale, get offers right away, and get paid without all those annoying fees and commissions. Instead, the full proceeds goes straight to your PayPal or Stripe Account.

More Tools. More Flexibility.


Get Whois information for domains right on your dashboard. No third-party search required!

Valuation Tool

Skip the guessing games and get the exact value of your website and how much your domain is worth.

SEO Analytics

Get SEO analytics and expert user tips straight from your dashboard.


Never miss a domain expiration notification or pay hefty buy-back fees.

If your domain expires, you can expect to pay up to a $500 “redemption fee” for a domain that you could have renewed for $10.

In fact, many people either lose their domains or pay huge fees to get them back, simply because they forgot to renew them ahead of time. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With DomainWatch, you can forget about “forgetting.” We have you covered with Email and SMS reminders, Push Notifications, and even phone calls if you forget to renew your domain.

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As a domain owner, one of the biggest (and most frustrating) problems you face is watching your domain expire without warning. Then when you try to get it back from your registrar, you may have to pay a small fortune.

With DomainWatch, never forget to renew your domain again. We’ll send you text, email, and push notifications to let you know your domain is about to expire.

We’ve Got You Covered

DomainWatch gives you expert tools and features to help you better monitor, renew, sell, and succeed with your domain.

Mobile App

Get Whois information for domains right on your dashboard. No third-party search required!


Get Whois information for domains right from the dashboard. No third-party search required.

Valuation Tool

Stop guessing your domain’s sale price and get the exact value your domain is worth.

SEO Analytics

Get SEO analytics and pro tips on how to improve your SEO right from our dashboard.

Smart Search

Stop wasting hours to find domains. We offer filtered searches by name, register, expiring, for sale, and more.

Easy To Use

Our user-friendly app lets you add domains one by one or in bulk – then leave the rest to us.

Use the App Whenever and Wherever

Don’t get stuck paying ridiculous fees to buy back the domain that’s rightfully yours. Renew your domain before it expires.

The Reviews Are In!

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what satisfied customers are saying about DomainWatch.

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Any Registrar. No Problem.

DomainWatch allows you to easily and efficiently monitor your domain, no matter where it was registered.

Simple Pricing for Every Domainer – at Any Stage.

All pricing packages are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to add all my domains?

Not long at all! You can either add each domain one by one, or add multiple domains in bulk. In a matter of seconds, your domains will be in the system.

How do I get the mobile app?

After registering your account, you can get the mobile app for free! iPhone users can find it on the App Store, while Android users can find it in the Google Play store.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden or add-on fees! You only pay one time to get full access to all our tools, features, and mobile app.

Which registrars does it work with?

All of them! DomainWatch lets you monitor your domain and utilize all of our tools, no matter where your domain was registered.